Shadow Of Conspiracy Section 2, Dystopia, Cyberpunk And Eu5: Action Rpg Quotes Blade Runner

A short distance from the publication of the first Legend of Ymir Tech Demo, it is time to talk about a further video game production that will take advantage of the features of the Unreal Engine 5.

We are palating for Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2, ambitious Action RPG presented for the first time to the public at Gamescom 2021. In that place, the German software house Elysium Game Studio outlined a disturbing and dystopic imaginary, ready to lead the player into Berlin in 2087. Between cyberpunk corruption and technology, Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2 will propose an open world structure, along which unveil mysteries and conspiracies.

In presenting the production, the development team has not failed to mention iconic film reference points, such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell (1995), while on the videogame front we cite productions such as The Last of Us Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2 will investigate the mysterious murder of a Berlin police chief, all while trying to track down a missing child. Interesting detail, once the title is finished it can be replayed from the perspective of the antagonist.

At the moment, there is no date of publication for this interesting Action RPG. However, Elysium Game Studio has already confirmed that Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2 will only see light on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Plus.

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