Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem: Video Gameplay Unveils The Release Date Of The Standalone Dlc

As promised with the serious Sam ice teaser trailer, Croteam’s boys and the publishers of devolver digital inaugurate 2022 officially presenting Siberian Mayhem, a standalone expansion of Serious Sam

Created in collaboration with Timelock Studio, the independent experience of Siberian Mayhem introduces a new chapter in the latest adventure shooter lived by the emuli of the “Serio”: once arrived on the spot, fans of the series must

Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem will then give the sufferers of the Croteam saga a chance to travel to unexplored places in the heart of Russia and give themselves to the mad joy against the Mental hordes. In a strictly contentive way, the standalone expansion includes five unreleased levels, a new set of enemies, even more arches and weapons bosses such as the legendary AK or the experimental crossbow Perun, as well as new gadgets and vehicles

During the adventure it is possible to undertake secondary missions entrusted to us by the inhabitants of Tunguska. The launch of Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem is scheduled for January 25th exclusively on PC (Steam). Before leaving you to the video and the first images of the expansion, we invite you to retrace the deeds of Sam Stone by reading our review of Serious Sam 4.

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