Serious Sam 5 Coming This Month? Teaser From Dovern Digital!

The Dovernet Digital team had been captivating the curiosity of fans of the series with a bizarre Serious Sam-themed teaser already in December.

In the immediate future, the community had thought of a DLC coming in within the shores of Serious Sam 4, but it seems that this prediction is bound to prove wrong. As you can directly check out this news, in fact, Devolver Digital has now added a further piece of the puzzle to the story.

From its official Twitter account, the publisher (who in 2021 alone brought Death’s Door, Incryption and Loop Hero to the videogaming market) in fact asks the public how it would react if there were to be an announcement of a new To all, you will be accompanied by a new teaser trailer, which you will find in the opening to this news. Croteam also shared the message, with the authors of Serious Sam 4 who seem to have taken charge of this mysterious new game: that it can already be a Serious Sam 5?

Waiting to learn more about Serious Sam’s future, we would like to point out that on Everyeye’s pages there is a rich interview with Dovern Digital, in which the publisher tells us the behind-the-scenes of Indie development, obviously

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