Sekiro: Some People Have Finished Blindfolding In Two Hours, New Record

Last summer Mitchriz finished Sekiro blindfolded in four and a half hours, now the streamer has exceeded its own record by reducing the time of completion to two round round hours.

During the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon, Mitchriz tried to further improve his business, succeeding us, so that the streamer and YouTuber completed the game of FromSoftware in 2:00:35

Although this is not an absolute record for the speedruns of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, this is undoubtedly the best time among those who have tried to finish the game with their eyes closed (literally), a result that has amazed the same It will be difficult (but not impossible) to do better in the future but who knows that the streamer does not decide to challenge himself again trying to exceed the new record and coming down below the two hours. And other rivals might come forward, considering the popularity of Miyazaki’s game.

Staying at home FromSoftware, Elden Ring will arrive in February and we are sure that he will quickly become the protagonist of speedrun and marathon videos.

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