Sekiro On Game Pass? It’s Unlikely, At Microsoft ‘Not Enough’ To Acquire Activision

The media shock caused by Microsoft’s news buying Activision Blizzard is generating an infinite number of discussions involving, of course, Activision games intended to enter the Game Pass: among the most popular names we find that

The soulslike masterpiece, in fact, falls within the vast list of video games produced by Activision, although it was developed by FromSoftware. In light of Activision’s entry into the Xbox family, many are wondering about the chances of Sekiro ‘free’ coming to the Xbox Game Pass on social media and industry forums.

Well, as colleagues at rightly pointed out, unfortunately for the Game Pass subscribers, Sekiro’s intellectual property does not belong to Activision Blizzard, but to FromSoftware: any future decision regarding Seki’s possible entry

The failure to land any title in the Dark Souls series on Game Pass and the imminent launch of Elden Ring therefore make it extremely unlikely that Sekiro will be able to land in the Redmond Home Subscription Service catalogue. The speech related to Activision Blizzard’s historical IP video games such as Call of Duty, Diablo, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Overwatch and World of Warcraft is quite different, for which entry into the

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