Sega Has Opened A New Study In Sapporo, The Company Invests On Japan

SEGA announced that it opened a new development and debugging studio in Sapporo last December, but the news came only in these hours thanks to an update published on the company’s official website.

SEGA Sapporo Studio will produce and test high quality video games with a more optimized and linear development process, with the aim of meeting the demand for high end titles and productions due to the global expansion of the video game market. Currently the team is looking for designers, programmers and testers to be included in their staff as read on the official website of SEGA Sapporo Studio.

The new team is led by CEO Takaya Segawa, who joined SEGA in 1992 and over the years has been engaged in titles like Yakyuu Tsuku!! and Saka Tsuku series as well as producing Phantasy Star Online 2. The choice to open a study in Sapporo was dictated by the presence of high-level universities and schools, institutes capable of training ready and prepared professionals to enter the world of work immediately with all the necessary skills.

At the moment we do not know which games SEGA Sapporo Studio is developing, it is not excluded that in this first phase the company can only devote itself to the support of other internal teams of SEGA.

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