Searing: Italian Action Puzzle Is Coming On Pc, Try It For Free With The Demo On Steam

Team SeaRing, a software house indie founded and managed by six Italian and Danish developers, invites all fans of GDR in pixel art and ‘old school’ action adventure experiences to download the Demo PC for free of charge.

In describing SeaRing’s project, the local authors plunge us into the fairytale atmosphere of a title that will have as protagonist the Princess of the Seas, an intrepid adventurer who, drawing from a power to

The Sea Ring will give our alter-ego the ability to channel pacifist power and use it, for example, to solve the environmental puzzles and overcome unharmed fighting with the creatures crossed during the adventure. The title also boasts 50 secondary characters and hundreds of unique dialogues, with many suggestions to continue in the campaign and unlock some secret content.

On the strictly artistic front, SeaRing’s project pinches the strings of nostalgia of the many video players raised on bread and GDR in the 90s, proposing them a graphic section in pixel art with an atmosphere made even more immersive by a relaxing So take a look at SeaRing’s images and video and let us know what you think of this title; if you are interested, at the bottom of the news you will also find the link to the Steam page of SeaRing, with all the information

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