Sea Of Thieves To Sails Explained: 5 Million Copies Sold On Steam

The rise of Sea of Thieves, the Piratesco sandbox of Rare, continues unstoppable, after having exceeded the 25 million players total, celebrates today the 5 million copies sold on Steam.

“Just when we were finishing to celebrate the big milestone of the 25 million players of Sea of Thieves, here we are pulling out again the barrel for having exceeded the five million units sold on Steam!”, says the enthusiastic post “Because Sea of Thieves was our first game developed internally for PC and Xbox, we are absolutely pleased to see such a large influx of new pirates who take on their adventures since the game arrived on Steam in June last Regardless of the platform you play on, Sea of Thieves would never have had this success without the support of you users, so all we can say is thank you!”

Rare was strongly impressed by over 100,000 open discussions about Steam about Sea of Thieves and the nearly 500 community guides. Sea of Thieves’ Discord server is now approaching 300,000 users, further confirming how the title crew is continuing to become more and more crowded over time.

To celebrate in style, Rare decided to offer free “All Together Now” emotions to anyone who accesses the game from today until December 29th. Those who are curious to try Microsoft’s sandbox for the first time can take advantage of the 50% discount currently valid on Steam.

In early December began Season 5 of Sea of Thieves, as usual rich in activities and valuable objects to conquer.

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