Sea Of Thieves Season 5: Players Will Be Able To Bury Their Treasures

A few weeks after the start of Season 5 of Thieves, scheduled for December, the boys of Rare have revealed the arrival of a new game mechanics that will make pirates from all over the world happy.

With a new clip entrusted to their social channels, British developers have confirmed that starting next season virtual pirates will finally bury their treasures, just like their real and literary counterparts did. The clip clearly shows two sea wolves dig a hole on a beach and stick into the hard earned loot, so as to keep it away from the malicious ones who are teeming in the seven seas. Unfortunately, no more precise information about this new trick has been revealed. Will players be able to track their treasures buried on the map so that they can be found agilely later? Will other users find them and steal them? We’ll find out in the next few weeks.

A few days ago, however, we discovered that soon in Sea of Thieves will also arrive the elevators, which will facilitate the transport of treasures to and from the raised points. While we are here, we remind you that the ship set inspired by Halo has just been made available for free: to receive it you have to do nothing but access the game by December 1, the day on which it will be replaced by another package of themed objects Master Chief for

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