Sea Of Thieves Celebrates Halo With Two Weeks Of Free Items Inspired By Master Chief

Even the Pirate world of Sea of Thieves is looking forward to Master Chief coming back next December 8th, the day when Halo Infinite will arrive on the market. In view of the memorable event, the boys of Rare have prepared something really special.

Starting from November 24th and for two weeks all virtual pirates will be able to obtain cosmetic objects inspired by the legendary Spartan and his colleagues, also totally free. For the precision, during the first week of the initiative (from 24 November to 1 December) they will be able to receive the set inspired ship to the original Spartan, while during the second (from 1st to 8 December) they will obtain the sails and the flag dedicated

You can find a taste of what is waiting for you in the trailer you find in the news opening. The event will end just on December 8th, the day Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X Plus and PC Windows 10, as well as in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Speaking of Rare’s open world, do you know that Sea of Thieves recently celebrated the 25 million players?

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