Scorn And The Controversy About Kickstarter: The Apologies Of The Developers Arrive

Yesterday he had a lot of discussion about the message published on Kickstarter by the developers of Scorn, who was not appreciated by the video players who had decided to fund the project.

A few hours after the controversy and the arrival of numerous requests for reimbursement, here came a message of official apology from the CEO of the software house:

“Hello everyone, my name is Ljubomir Peklar and I play the role of both CEO of Ebb Software and creative director of the game. I take full responsibility for the last update you received on Kickstarter yesterday. I quickly read the message and approved it. I have noticed the hostile tone in which it was written, and this is not the way we should address those who are funding us. We may be tired, confused and frustrated for our ineptitude, but it is no good reason to take it out on you. So I apologize for that. I’ll do my best to keep this from happening again. Next Monday we’ll be publishing an update on the situation. Thank you all.”

Judging from the comments to the post that can be read on the crowdfunding platform, it would seem that the game sponsors appreciated the message and that the situation was resolved.

Please note that Scorn will arrive in exclusive time on PC and Xbox Series X, where it will turn to 4K and 60fps.

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