Scorn: A Short Trailer Reveals Its Launch Window

A new and short trailer dedicated to Scorn, the exclusive Microsoft, came as a surprise during the evening, and after a long period of absence from the scenes, it returns to show up to announce the final launch window.

The trailer published on social media by the development team, which shows us some of the disturbing settings that we can explore during the adventure by horror colors, confirms in fact that the game will arrive in October 2022, that is in less than a year. This confirmation probably came with the aim of appeaseting the thirst for news not only from fans, but also and especially from those who financed the project on Kickstarter.

Just a few weeks ago, in fact, Scorn was at the center of a controversy because of a post published by developers on the fundraising platform, since the tone used by the team did not go down to all those who believed in the project and decided to

For those who don’t know, the game will only come on PC and Xbox Series X Plus, as developers have decided to focus on the next generation hardware and exploit it in the best way.

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