Scarlet Nexus Expands: The Dlc Bond Enhancement Pack 2 And The Update 1.05 Arrives

After launching the first paid DLC of Scarlet Nexus, the representatives of Bandai Namco show in video all the news that will interest the Sci-Fi GDR with the expansion Bond Enhancement Pack 2 and the Update 1.05

The second additional package Bond Enhancement brings in 10 new episodes and allows enthusiasts to unlock the super-state Nexus Drive to increase their SAS skills. Thanks to the new expansion of Scarlet Nexus, the SAS of each character gains unprecedented effects to master: each of these effects will allow fans to expand the range of their fighting styles. The expansion also offers exclusive outfits (for costumes and weapons) with the Youth Atire collection created in collaboration with Daisuke Richard.

No less important are the news conveyed by the free Update that brings Scarlet Nexus to version 1.05. The update introduces the new Vision Simulator feature that allows users to challenge each other once again with bosses, both those fought in the main history and the major enemies of the Challenge Missions. Each battle will boast different levels of difficulty (Princess, Novice and Master). With the Update 1.05 we also assist the entry of 4 new variants of Estranei, each with a new trait; finally, we have a review of the Shop ingame, with the addition of challenges, costumes and original objects.

Before leaving you to the above video, we invite all those who want to dive into the atmosphere of New Himuka to read our guide with tricks of Scarlet Nexus to start playing the GDR.

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