Scalper Steals And Sells Ps5 And Switch: Loses Money To Horses And Gets Arrested

We have the story of the day: Tokyo police arrested a 50-year-old unemployed man for stealing and selling hundreds of PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and video games, illegally taking a personal profit. The suspect would have already confessed and confirmed all the charges that were brought against him.

According to the Japanese press, an acquaintance who works as a courier in a shipping company has entrusted the suspect with a rich load of over 200 units of PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and video games intended for large distribution. The pieces, however, never reached their destination: man has in fact adapted the load and has managed to place more than half of its content on the markets of the Akihabara area in Tokyo, drawing a profit of 3 million yen, about 23

The real relationship between the suspect and his acquaintance has not been well described in the Japanese press. The fact is that the man, after having sold the goods obtained illegally, remained in the city, wandering around the Internet Cafés of the area. In Japan, in these places you can rent personal cabins, sleep inside and even take a shower.

Unfortunately, it will not be easy for the authorities to recover the money: the suspect is in serious financial trouble, and has already wasted almost all of the profits by betting on horse racing. “I ran off with the cargo because I had money problems. I spent almost all the money on horse racing,” said the 50-year-old.

Unfortunately, even in Japan it is difficult to grab a PS5 due to the shortage of stocks. This has made life very simple for man, who has had no particular difficulty in placing consoles at a good price.

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