Save Red Dead Online: The Trend Crazy On Twitter, Players Disappointed By Rockstar

The new year did not begin under the best wishes for Rockstar Games: Red Dead Online is clearly struggling to follow in the footsteps of its successful cousin, GTA Online, and the players clearly noticed it.

The disappointed cowboys are making their voices heard on Twitter at the cry of #SaveRedDeadOnline, a new hashtag born in response to the first, disappointing 2022 update of Red Dead Online. A user who responds to Mr Gaming Buds’ name has perfectly summed up the thought of the over ten thousand people who have joined the trend in the last 24 hours: “So, you’re telling me that more than 2/3 of the content and bonuses of the new You want the community to play two-year-old content so that it can earn money to spend on… what? One of them is still incomplete from the narrative point of view. #SaveRedDeadOnline.”

Ben T., who spoke of “two years of nonsense from Rockstar Games,” didn’t go light on it. Andrea, instead, did not hesitate to define “straggiacci” the developers of Rockstar Games, who according to her are no longer able to pay attention to Red Dead Online while they continue to support “the goose from the golden eggs

The ball now passes to Rockstar Games, which will have to do everything to regain the confidence of the players, today more than ever in serious discussion. Is anyone playing Red Dead Online? How do you feel about the support provided by GTA creators?

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