Saga: A New Game From The Jrpg Series Is Developing, The Announcement By Square-Enix

During the SaGa Series Official Broadcast: Producers Talk 2021, Square-Enix confirmed that it has started the development of a new chapter in the SaGa series, particularly loved by fans of the JRPG genre.

The new game belonging to the franchise of SaGa is therefore taking shape in the studies of the Japanese company, which plans to be able to officially present the project during 2022, as stated by Hiroyuki Miura and Akitoshi Kawazu, respectively

“We are still in development on the [last] title and hope to announce it next year, so we look forward to it” – Miura’s words. “Be it Miura that I’m working on the next title, so expect news for the SaGa series next year,” added Kawazu. The latter has also specified that it will be a game published also in retail version, and this would let us intuit that it will be a main chapter of the series, net of the interest that Square-Enix continues to feed towards the mobile market.

At the moment, this is all we know about the project, but players have already started to wonder if it could be a sequel to SaGa Frontier, the classic JRPG released in remastered version in 2021 about 24 years after the launch of the original game (in

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