Sackboy Becomes Carbon Neutral By 2025: Sumo Digital On The Cop-26 Wave

If you look at a more detailed reflection, the relationship between video games and the environment presents suggestive ideas for action, between awareness and community involvement.

But not only that: like every production sector, the videogaming industry is now called to face the challenge of environmental protection. At the same time as the important COP-26 was taking place, the Sumo Group team decided to respond to the call for a greenhouse-effect containment action.

With fifteen development teams located on British territory, the company has announced its ambitious intention to become a completely carbon neutral company by 2025. This means that Sumo Group aims to compensate for its CO2 emissions by supporting the environment, in order to zero its impact on the increase of the greenhouse effect. But how?

The initiatives put in place by Sumo Group are multiple and include a gradual transition to renewable energy use for all its development teams. In addition, incentives are provided to equip employees with very low-emission vehicles. To close the circle, collaborations with the NGO Ark2030, with Sumo Group, are planned to finance restoration of the natural environment: the first project will involve over 7,000 square kilometers in the north of England.

An admirable goal, which puts the developers of Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Little Big Planet 3 in the forefront for the fight against climate change.

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