Rockstar Games: Mysterious Project In Development Since 2019?

The last period was not extremely rosy for Rockstar Games following the difficult launch of GTA Trilogy. As witnessed by our review of GTA Trilogy, the collection does not honor the three historical episodes of the series still loved by the public. Nevertheless, the company continues to look to the future.

In fact, it seems that a mysterious project has been developing at Rockstar Games India for a couple of years, at least according to the resume of a 3D animator, Kaushal Puneta, who since 2019 would be working on a title Puneta would be dealing with the animations of characters in gameplay key, as well as having realized various assets for the game. Previously, he also contributed to the development of Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are no more specific indications of what the title is on the construction site at the Indian Rockstar studios, and for the time being it is therefore in the field of simple hypotheses. Recently, for example, according to rumors of corridor spread by the well-known insider Tom Henderson, Bully 2 was a missed surprise of the 2021 TGA and the project material would be shown behind closed doors.

What if it’s just Bully’s follow-up to the mystery game Rockstar India is working on? Considering that for another insider Bully 2 was deleted in 2017, the possible ones could be very remote, although not non-existent.

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