Rocket League Skin Free: New Code December 2021

For more than a year Rocket League has been moving to a free to play model on PCs and consoles, while the mechanics that allows players to buy cosmetic items and skin for their cars through the internal store of the game has remained unchanged.

There are also methods to get cosmetic items completely free of charge: one of them requires you to use special codes that provide additional free skin for your cars. Here is the procedure to be followed to redeem them:

Open the main menu of the game and select the Extra

At this point select the Code Rinse option

Insert the code in question now inside the screen that will appear later

At the end of this short procedure, objects will be added automatically in your garage (specifically, the menu dedicated to customizing your cars).

Rocket League skin free new code

The Rocket League development team tends to provide new codes by hiding them inside trailers and videos loaded on the official channels of the game, thus creating a sort of small “treasure hunt” for users. After a certain period of time, however, each code loses its validity: you will have to be quick to redeem them before the expiration. At the moment all codes discovered so far by the community have expired, except one: we are talking about popcorn, which if inserted will allow you to receive the Popcorn Rocket in limited edition.

Speaking of the title signed by Psyonix, we remind you that the mobile version of the game called Rocket League Sideswipe is also available.

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