Rocket League: How To Add New People To Friends

Rocket League’s potential has reached stratospheric peaks thanks to the competitive panorama of eSports, but the strength of the game lies also in its immediate being and within the reach of anyone who wants to have fun in company. In this regard, here are the steps to follow to add new friends within the free-to-play developed by Psyonix.

The process is very simple and, above all, independent of the type of platform you play on. Starting from the main lobby The latter appears under the username, at the top of the same Social window. We also remember that after the switch to the free-to-play formula, Rocket League has made available the possibility to synchronize the list of its previously added contacts.

This means that if you played on consoles or via Steam before Epic Games acquired the whole, you can easily retrieve friends from those platforms. To do this, open the Rocket League settings and reach the Interface section, then check the

Have you tried the mobile version of the game called Rocket League Sideswipe? On the pages of you can also find the news that sees Rocket League directed towards Unreal Engine 5.

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