Roblox Welcomes Paris Hilton: California’s Star Enters The Metaverse

The virtual worlds of Roblox continue to expand, welcoming inside more and more leading personalities in the world of music, entertainment and entertainment.

Paris Hilton, a multifaceted American star and grandson of the founder of the Hilton hotel chain, is now added to the latter. With years of modeling, actress and singer, the entrepreneur is now also the protagonist of an experience part of the metaverse of Roblox. Under the name of Paris World, the virtual island will formally debut on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve, with a digital farewell party in 2021 that will see the transmission of a DJ set conducted live by Paris Hilton itself.

Part of the Roblox community has already been able to take a first look at Paris World, thanks to a preview session organized close to Christmas. Within the island, you can access several activities at a fee, including celebrity interviews conducted by Paris Hilton, mini-games, the ability to drive virtual replicas of the star’s luxury cars and more. Special merchandising will also be distributed exclusively and periodically, always, of course, with a fee.

The expansion of this virtual universe does not find any setback at the moment, with Roblox surpassing Activision as the most profitable company in the video game world.

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