Roblox: Mobile App Closes In China, But A New Version Will Come In The Future

Thanks to a report by TechCrunch we learn that last December 8th, Roblox’s team closed the iOS and Android app available on the Chinese market, known as LuoBuLeSi.

Mobile application, the result of efforts to join the native giant Tencent, had been made available just five months earlier. A spokesperson for the Roblox team, James Kay, said at The Verge: “Last year, we launched Roblox in China as LuoBuLeSi with the aim of creating and testing an immersive virtual universe. Now, it is essential for us to make the necessary investments, including investments in data architecture, to realize our long-term vision of LuoBuLeSi.”

The real reasons for the removal have not been revealed. Kay has merely reported that “a number of major transition actions have been necessary,” but this is not the end of Roblox in China. The stated goal is to reconstruct the Roblox app – or rather, LuoBuLeSi – from scratch and make it available again in the future, although the team is not yet able to provide a new launch date. “Information will be made public when the time comes,” the spokesman explained.

The closure of Roblox in the most populous country in the world, albeit temporary, comes to a few months from another excellent farewell. Last November, remember, Fortnite was permanently extinguished in China, many people believe that soon could do the same also Steam.

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