Roark’s Attack On Titan Fan Game: Discovering The Latest Multiplayer Phenomenon

Available from May 2021 on the distribution platform indie Game Jolt, Roark’s Attack on Titan has captured the attention of many action adventure multiplayer, until it turns into a real gaming phenomenon that involves many

Despite a low-pole graphics section with scenery and characters with newly sketched polygonal models, Roark’s Attack on Titan Fan Game boasts a wide variety of combat-oriented and based challenges

The title includes in fact 12 warriors, 3 classes characterized by their own set of equipment and, above all, 10 multiplayer modes, each to be held inside arenas with lobby from maximum 16 players divided into 4 competing teams.

The range of modes accessible from the servers of the Attack on Titan Fan Game is particularly wide and includes, among others, Free Roaming, Training and Racing activities. Thanks to Roark’s support, the project will receive constant updates full of new (and strictly free) content: the latest update was published at the end of 2021 and has brought in dote a new map, additional characters, new gamep mechanics

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