Return: For Shuhei Yoshida The Exclusive Ps5 Is The Best Game Of The Year

Available from April 30, 2021, exclusive to PlayStation 5, Returnal has won a great deal of critics and audiences. Housemarque’s sci-fi horror roguelike has so far received several appreciations from the professionals, and now brings home a very illustrious one.

After discovering, through a long message on the PlayStation Blog, which are the best indie PS5 and PS4 of 2021 for Shuhei Yoshida, the head of the PlayStation Indies division and former president of SIE Worldwide The choice fell right on Return, considered by Yoshida his personal GOTY 2021.

Although the last work of the title authors like Resogun and Matterfall has not won a huge number of awards, it is generally considered one of the most interesting in 2021: for example, Returnal was elected the game of the year by the Guardian, Now that Housemarque is officially part of PlayStation Studios, there is a great curiosity about what the future holds for the talented Finnish studio and what its next job will be.

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