Respawn Entertainment: New Details On The Game In Development, This Is Jeff Grubb

Respawn Entertainment was the protagonist of the latest episode of the GrubbSnax podcast conducted by Jeff Grubb. The well-known journalist has revealed some details about the next game in development at the studios of the creators of Titanfall, Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Respawn announced the development of a new IP last summer and since then the title information has arrived with the dropper. According to the rumors advanced by Jeff Grubb the game “is (surprise) a first person shooter Tripla A that is still in the early development phase” and “should be out as soon as possible in 2024, probably in 2025.” Former project leader Mohammad Alavi, former senior narrative designer of Apex Legends, left the studio early in the year but the team would still be “continuing to create prototypes.”

According to Grubb, in fact, the strategy of Respwan Entertainment is precisely to produce prototypes that over the years develop into real games, with features that are added over time. In this case, the keywords of the new IP can be summarised with “mobility and style.” The journalist then continued with further details: “It should be a whole single player game. At least right now.” All you have to do is wait for an official announcement to learn more.

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