Resident Evil Village: Free Dlc In 2022? The Opinion Of The Insider Dusk Golem

In the greetings Capcom entrusted to the pages of Famitsu at the beginning of the year, the Japanese company suggested (but not officially confirmed) the arrival of expansions of Resident Evil Village in 2022. The well-known insider Dusk Golem has therefore decided to re-visit social media to say his own thing.

In reconnecting with the recent statements of the spokesmen of Capcom, the now famous “deep gorge” of the Japanese company has rushed to provide further ideas for easing the expectations of fans, especially as regards the voices of corridor on the possible arrival

In one of his latest Twitter posts, the insider explains that “there is no chance that Resident Evil Village will receive totally free expansions. If free content will be published in 2022, I think they will be part of a wider plan with multiple DLCs in development (but always based on the launch of paid expansions, ed.).”

To those who follow us, we remind that in the message of greetings shared by Capcom on Famitsu the Japanese company explained that “being at work to make sure that more and more players can know the series of Resident Evil”, from here the

Our advice, therefore, can only be to take these rumors with due caution and consider them for what they are, i.e. anticipations that might have been invented of healthy plant by their respective leaders.

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