Resident Evil Village, Expansion Coming Up? The Tga Clip Shows It In Third Person

In the frame of The Game Awards 2021 and its many ads we may have witnessed a “Hidden World Premiere”: to suggest it is the same Geoff Keighley inviting the fans to focus on a clip of the

The journalist and presenter of the Lausanne videogaming event has in fact published on social media a frame of the event with an unusual version of the kolossal horror of Capcom: in the clip in question, Resident Evil Vi

After escaping the spectators of the Game Awards 2021, the scene that captures Ethan from the back while observing the Castello Dimitrescu is fueling the curiosity of the fans and unleashing, as easily intuitable, a riddle

Among the fans who are participating in this discussion, however, many people remember how RE Village already boasts a third person view thanks to the work carried out in these months by the modders. In the tweet shared by Keighley, however, no mention is made of a possible mistake made by those who have mounted that video, therefore it is permissible to look at this clip as a possible anticipation of the arrival in the official shot in And what do you think about that? Let us know with a comment.

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