Resident Evil Village: Dusk Golem Talks About Cut Content And Budget

Although several months have passed since the arrival on the shelves of Resident Evil Village, horror Capcom continues to be in the thoughts of many players waiting to discover some details about DLC. Meanwhile the famous Dusk Golem has revealed numerous behind-the-scenes on the development of the popular title.

The insider, now known to the public and considered reliable, has released a series of messages that reveal the problems encountered by Osaka company in the distribution of the budget and in the management of the development times, factors that in more than one occasion have forced Capcom to make

Here are the words of Dusk Golem:

“From what I heard, in the 6-9 months after a break for Covid, Capcom received numerous feedback from internal tests and calls were made to determine where to invest time and resources. In the end they decided to focus on the Dimitrescu Castle and the Heisenberg Factory, so as to make it plain, revisit some aspects and improve the final boss. Everything I wrote is 100% true, but I know someone will doubt it. Moreau had to have a longer game sequence with mermaid-like enemies, but it wasn’t very funny and wasn’t well received in the tests. Not having time and money, they directly cut everything and heavily modified the rest. Many of the secondary characters have always been cut off because of negative feedback and budget problems.”

It is therefore not to be excluded that some of the additional content coming soon may include everything that the development team has had to cut in the course of work.

Pending an announcement by Capcom, we remind you that a report suggests that future Resident Evil Village DLCs will be free.

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