Resident Evil Village: Dlc Coming This Year Together With King:Verse?

Capcom published a brief greeting message in Famitsu’s first issue of 2022, which brings brief greetings from developers and publishers of the Japanese scene.

2022 will mark the 35th anniversary of Mega Man and Street Fighter, however Osaka’s house has not specified anything about it and we do not know whether there are games, events or merchandising to celebrate these anniversaries.

Capcom announced the arrival of news for Monster Hunter Rise, probably referring to the arrival of the game on PC and the launch of the Sunbreak expansion expected for the summer. Space also for Resident Evil, with the company working to “make more and more players know the series,” it is not excluded that you are working on re-editions of old games of the saga and there should be new news also regarding the publication

According to a rumor there would be at least two or three DLCs of Resident Evil Village scheduled and at least one of these would be connected to the future Resident Evil 9, obviously the Japanese publisher has not confirmed absolutely, by appointment in the coming months for

And there would be also to understand what happened to the deceased Resident Evil ReVerse, initially planned together with Resident Evil Village, later postponed to summer 2021 and then again to the current year.

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