Resident Evil Village: Bela Dimitrescu In Cosplay For An Italian Horror Photo

Capcom’s latest iteration project us into new scenarios. The Eastern European country visited by Ethan is certainly not welcoming and, indeed, has a very spooky and horror aura, just as you want from a Resident Evil. But there is not only the appearance of the area that inspires fear: the creatures that inhabit it must not be forgotten.

For a survival horror video game that respects itself as Resident Evil, monsters are also needed at every corner that can repel the video player. At each saga, Capcom has produced creatures sometimes within well established fantasy canons, at other times giving a pinch of imagination. In Resident Evil: Village one of the leading figures was Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, who in her huge castle did not welcome Ethan alone. In some places we will meet one of his daughters, Bela Dimitrescu.

The mortal creature has now come to life in a horror photo of the Italian Himee Lily. The cosplayer of our country has launched on its social media the cosplay of Bela Dimitrescu ready to dismember and devour anyone who happens in front of her. Black dress, blood in the mouth and weapon in hand, the loyalty to the character in 3D is excellent.

A cosplay suitable for the period, and not by chance Resident Evil: Village sold well on Halloween.

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