Resident Evil Village: A Beautiful And Deadly Cosplay By Bela Dimitrescu By Tako

In the gothic and ghostly atmosphere of Resident Evil: Village you can enter the castle Dimitrescu, one of the main places of the new history of the Capcom brand. Ethan Winters will find himself playing hard to visit this castle governed by one of the four subordinates of Miranda, that Lady Alcina Dimitrescu who introduced the first trailer.

But in this castle there is not the only Lady Dimitrescu to be feared, since the vampire has given life to three other beings to face in Resident Evil: Village. Three bodies were resuscitated and manipulated, giving life to the three so-called daughters of Lady Dimitrescu. Apparently normal and attractive girls but with a certain passion for black and blood, will haunt the adventures of the player.

They, as well as one of the faces of this Resident Evil, have also received a lot of popularity on the net. So there are not only Lady Dimitrescu’s cosplays to hit the audience, but also those of her daughters, sometimes taken individually and sometimes in groups. In this case, the Japanese Takomayuyi proposed her Bela Dimitrescu cosplay in three photos taken in an abandoned house. Certainly a nice job for the cosplayer that manages to combine beauty and anxiety in a few photos.

Bela shows up with Cassandra Dimitrescu in another cosplay of some Russian models.

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