Resident Evil: Lady Dimitrescu’s Film Charm In Larissa Rochefort’s Cosplay

2021 was also the year of Resident Evil. Capcom’s famous brand came back once again after a few years of waiting with episode 8, renamed Resident Evil: Village for the occasion. In an area inspired by an Eastern European country, you enter dark and horrific paths that have terrified many video players.

As mentioned above, 2021 was a fruitful season for the series since Resident Evil: Village won the Golden Joypad Award in the PlayStation section. A success to frame, with everything that was born from a very short trailer where the first hint of setting was shown and a character that received a great immediate success.

That pale, tall, shapely woman named Lady Dimitrescu did not fail to appear in every meander of the net and in every form. The virality of the enemy of Resident Evil: Village has remained also following the official publication of the video game, which has also triggered cosplayers from all over the world. They all wore the white dress and they put on makeup to replicate the pale skin of this monster.

The cosplayer Larissa Rochefort shows us the outcome of her work in this photo with a cosplay by Lady Dimitrescu with a corpse color but still fulfilling. And we’re talking about a return of the video game with the future DLC of Resident Evil Village.

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