Resident Evil: A Cosplay Of Ada Wong In Bright Red Dress

Resident Evil’s story has changed a lot over time. The years pass and the videogaming brand of Capcom, one of the most famous and important of its stable, has changed settings, characters and plots, while obviously maintaining the horror declination of action. The video players met – and also played – various protagonists.

Some are men, such as Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters, who have experienced a new story steeped in horror and despair in Resident Evil Village recently. Other women are: Resident Evil is indissolubly linked to the figure of Jill Valentine, first heroine of the series but not the only woman that can be impersonated. In some of the fringes of Resident Evil 2, 4, 6 and more, the player will experience his adventure with the eyes of Ada Wong, an independent agent who strikes for his cold and detached character.

Danielle Vedovelli, a famous cosplayer with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, wore the long red dress with a slit typical of the woman in a faithful cosplay of the protagonist and anti-heroin by Resident The three images below show the photos with the Ada Wong cosplay. In recent days, Jill Valentine has also come to life with a cosplay.

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