Resident Evil 9, Code Name Apocalypse: Between Ghost City And Wendigo, A Leak Appears!

Already during the summer, the insiders had anticipated a long wait for the release of Resident Evil 9: a theory that now finds further support in an interesting sighting.

From the pages of 4chan has found a mysterious document, immediately taken up by the community of Reddit. The latter – a screenshot of a slide in Japanese – indicates in Resident Evil Apocalypse the code name for the future Resident Evil 9, but not only. The possible leak describes the game as a new experience in third person survival horror, with the focus exclusively single player, whose goal would be to propose a mix between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Outbreak Several Beta testers would already have been involved in the project, although the development is indicated as still in the early stages, with output only scheduled for 2024.

The new rumors related to Resident Evil Apocalypse seem to confirm the previous rumors about a possible return of Jill Valentine to Resident Evil 9. In fact, the document contains references to the desire to close the narrative arches of old characters in the series. On the gameplay front, reference is also made to the implementation of an “innovative partner management system,” which confuses the player’s ideas about who is really his ally or his enemy.

Finally, on the front of the atmosphere, we cite the desire to recall “a primordial fear of what is unknown,” with the novel “Ritual” called in question as a reference. The main setting would be a ghost city, while among the creatures mentioned as present at the appeal there is the Wendigo (evil demonic creature linked to the folklore of the Native Americans, surely familiar to readers of the P

We would point out that it is obviously impossible to assess the reliability of this leak in an appropriate way at this stage: we would therefore like to remind you that we are talking about unconfirmed and unofficial information.

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