Resident Evil 4 Vr: Dlc Mercenari Arriving Free In 2022?

Apparently Resident Evil 4 VR will receive in 2022 a free DLC that will introduce Mercenari mode, present in the original game but not in the reissue in Virtual Reality released last October.

The YouTube Biohazard Declassified channel republished a video apparently initially released by Capcom and then deleted, the clip contains some developers thanks and in closing reveals the return of Mercenari mode as “free update for Meta Quest

At the moment the original video has been made private and therefore we can assume that it was published by mistake in advance on the times, in any case there are no doubts about the return of Mercenari, the mode will be added to Resident Evil 4 VR as DLC

It is in any case good news as much as they wanted Mercenari to return even in Resident Evil VR, we do not know why the mode was not added to the launch, Capcom probably wanted to focus on the main game and make sure everything worked

What do you think of Mercenari’s arrival? Let us know below in the space dedicated to comments.

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