Replaced: New Details About The 2.5D Combat Inspired By Batman Arkham

In an interview with CulturedVultures, Sad Cat Studios co-founder Igor Gritsay discussed the development of Replaced inspired by Batman Arkham and illustrated the efforts made by the

Taking inspiration from the scenes shown in the reveal trailer of Replaced by the Showcase Xbox and Bethesda of June 2021, the exponent of the Sad Cat studies dwells on the fighting system of his next cyber adventure Rather, it is a general indication for the sensations to be returned in the fights, with animations and combos alternating to offer that sense of fluidity.”

The co-founder of the software house indie continues in his speech, pointing out the concept just expressed to explain that “in the Arkham series, all systems implemented returned the idea of a fluid movement of animations and that idea is more At the same time, this approach took a long time in terms of developing individual animations. There are many interactions that the protagonist can have with the scenario and the different types of enemies, and this means creating tons of specific animations. It is basically the most difficult part of our work, because all those movements are predetermined in a 2D game in pixel art but we are trying to make them seem natural precisely thanks to the seamless transitions between the different animations.”

The Replaced project is currently being developed on PC and exclusively console on Xbox One and Series X/S, with launch scheduled for 2022 also on Xbox Game Pass.

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