Relater: The Sci-Fi Dr Mechs Fight In Video On Ps4 And Playstation 5

Kadokawa Games kids dive into the atmosphere of space opera Relayer with a new video that allows us to peek through the folds of the combat system of this role-playing mecha destined to land on PS4

The new trailer, packaged by Japanese developers, opens a window on the sci-fi dimension of the title to familiarize us with its highly strategic and, at the same time, immediacy-oriented gameplay system.

The aim of the adventure will be to face the threat posed by the Relayers, members of an alien humanoid race that aspires to conquer the planet Earth by taking advantage of the political and social divisions of human beings. These divisions will be reflected both on the narrative canvas of the main campaign and, above all, in the dynamics of gameplay that we will experience throughout the history of singleplayer: the two factions of the Earth Alliance Gover

The launch of the Relayer is scheduled for 24 March 2022, both on PS4 and PlayStation 5. If you want to know more about this title, we can only recommend you stay on these pages to read our special on the first contact with Relayer signed by Antonello “Kirito” Bello, where you can find many details about the contents and gameplay of the

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