Relater: The Exclusive Ps5 And Ps4 Sci-Fi Rpg Has A Date Of Release

Publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment revealed the official release date for Relayer, the Mech-centered sci-fi RPG and developed by Kadokawa Games. The opera will debut in exclusive PlayStation 5 and PS4 from March 24, 2022, at the same time around the world.

This meant a slight postponement for the Japanese version of the game, originally planned for 17 February 2022. A number of details on the distribution of the title were also provided, including the existence of a digital premium version that will contain, in addition to the basic game, the Season Pass, the soundtrack and a dynamic theme (the latter only for PS4).

In addition, it will be possible to upgrade free of charge from PS4 to PS5, with the possibility of transferring the saves from one console to another, while in the West the game will be distributed only in digital edition, where instead on Japanese and Asian territories will be published All versions include English and Japanese dubbing, and the presence of Italian subtitles is confirmed. In case of preorder, finally, you will receive some bonuses such as the Terra’s Rare Item Set and the Terra’s Battle Data, containing weapons, armor, in-game currency and skill points.

As explained in our Preview of Relayer, the new title by God Wars’ authors is a strategic role-playing game that will put our hypertechnological mechs in comparison with a dangerous alien race intent on threatening humanity. There will be 30 different playable characters and a decidedly full-bodied adventure with about 80 optional internships. For more details, don’t miss the relay trailer for PS5 and PS4.

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