Redfall On Pc, Xbox Series X/S And Game Pass: Rescheduled Output? Rumor Doubt Arises

According to the rumors shared by the youtuber MrMattyPlays, the new vampires shooter from Arkane should be delayed from the launch window of summer 2022 set with Redfall’s reveal trailer

The popular content creator discussed Redfall’s marketing window and its possible shift to the second half of 2022 (and perhaps even beyond) during his last speech on the Definitive Duke podcast microphones with Lord Cognito.

The youtuber and leader explains that he had asked his anonymous sources and that he had received from them indications about the possible postponement of Redfall, presumably according to the now known problems related to the continuation of the pandemic from Coronavirus and the difficulties faced in giving

Both MrMattyPlays and Lord Cognito, however, are doubtful about the actual truthfulness of the indiscretions obtained, thus manifesting doubts about the voices of corridor collected from their respective sources and limiting themselves to sharing them out of duty of news. Never before, therefore, do we invite you to take such rumors with due care and consider them for what they are.

Waiting for further feedback on the anticipations collected by MrMattyPlays and Lord Cognito, we leave you in the company of our special on Redfall, the open world shooter of Arkane that the developer house of De

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