Record Steam: Almost 28 Million Users Connected At The Same Time During The Holidays

Despite the excellent gifts distributed on the Epic Games Store during the Christmas holidays (Tomb Raider’s trilogy is still free), Steam has reached a new record of users connected at the same time to the platform.

Taking a look at the SteamDB portal, which tracks almost all the statistics relating to the platform and products for sale, we can see that in the last 24 hours the new maximum peak of connected users has been reached, which has touched on the 28 According to the figures shown on the site’s graphics, 27,942,036 users were simultaneously present on the servers of the client license plate Valve, a figure never seen before. It should be noted that the number in question refers not only to the users who were playing, but also to those who had made simple access to the client. For those who did not know, the record in question exceeded the previous one of only a few weeks ago, since the old peak of users was recorded just in December 2020.

Waiting to find out what the next record will be, we remind you that you still have a few hours to take advantage of Steam’s winter sales and grab some games for less than 5 euros.

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