Ready Or Not: The Spiritual Heir Of Swat 4 Is Depopulating On Steam

Ready or Not has been published as a surprise on Steam in advance in recent days, a publication completely unexpected by the community, which now feared a postponement to 2022. Instead not only the game has come out but is also getting a remarkable success.

When we write Ready or Not is the best-selling game on Steam, a remarkable result considering that the game costs 35.99 euros and is colliding with Steam’s winter sales with AAA, AA and indie titles on offer for a few euros

Ready or Not is behind for example The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition at 10 euros, currently in second place in the ranking followed by Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition at 24.99

Ready or Not is therefore running to become an unexpected phenomenon this year’s end, remember that the game is expected on PlayStation 5 in the near future, at the moment the game has been launched only on PC in advance and therefore not yet in

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