Ready Or Not: The Development Team Discusses The Level In The School

As you know, a few days ago Ready or Not lost its publisher, Team17. If until a few hours the causes of this divorce were unclear, a recent official developer post publicly confirmed them.

As it has been rumored for a few days, generating bad moods between VOID Interactive and Team17 was the level of the tactical shooter set within a school. Now that the roads between the two sides have officially split, the development team has taken the opportunity to publish a long post through its social channels to discuss what happened and provide their own vision of the facts. Ready or Not developers have confirmed that they are working on the school level and are not willing to cancel it because of any controversy. The aim of the team is not to stop at obstacles that would have made other development houses tremble and at the same time to be willing to deal with the topic with the utmost sensitivity. There is therefore no intention of glorifying the criminals who will be part of the game content and all attention will be directed to the police who fight them.

Before leaving you to the official message of VOID Interactive, we remind you that Ready or Not is depopulating on Steam, a platform on which it has recently landed in advance access.

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