Ready Or Not: How To Modify Your Equipment And Customize Your Weapons

While Ready or Not continues to grind numbers on Steam, where it even passed It Takes Two, there are many players who are trying to get close to the game not without some difficulty. So let’s try to find out together how to customize the equipment of special agents and weapons accessories.

Once Ready or Not is started, the player finds himself controlling the character inside a police station, which acts as a play hub. And it is right within this place that you can make numerous changes to the equipment, so that you can face the missions in the best way. The room in which to modify any aspect of the character is the dressing room, accessible to the upper floor of the structure and whose position is right next to the table where you can start the missions.

How to customize equipment

Once you enter the locker room, interact with the open cabinet you find in front of you. From here you can change weapons, tactical equipment, launch objects and even armor, so as to decide whether to let the agent wear a heavy or light vest and thus have an impact on both the defense and the speed of movement. If you are playing offline, you can also edit the inventory of your four teammates in this screen.

How to change weapons

To change your weapons, you must approach the small table in the corner of the locker room. At this object you can only modify the weapon equipped and, once placed, the weapon will keep all the changes made (silencers, sights, handles and so on). If you want to change the accessories of a weapon used by an AI-controlled companion, equip the weapon, modify it and then put it in the cabinet.

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