Ready Or Not: All Details About The Spiritual Heir Of Swat 4

After the controversy that is involving Ready or Not, the tactical shooter of VOID Interactive is having an incredible success thanks to the Advanced Access now available on Steam, platform on which players are particularly appreciating the ga

As you can see in the video just uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Everyeye and entirely dedicated to the shooter with visual in subjective, the title is capturing the attention of that niche of players still looking for a worthy heir today The gameplay, whether you play alone or in the company of other users thanks to online cooperative mode, is quite complex and requires careful planning of each single move because of the high level of realism, which implies death almost instantaneous to every slightest mistake. At the moment the game is not full of content, but already in January should arrive a free upgrade with weapons, activities and fixes that could put a piece to the problems that concern especially the AI of the comrades, who do not always respond in a perfect way to the orders

Before leaving you to the video dedicated to the shooter, we also invite you to take a look at our Ready or Not trial.

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