Read Dead Online: The Fury Of Winter Unleashes In The Call To The Festive Arms

With the battles of the Red Dead Online Halloween event now over, the time has come for the inhabitants of the RDR2 Multiplayer Frontier to prepare for the new year and the Winter that rages. Rockstar celebrates the new year by launching the activities of Calling at the Festive Arms.

In the new phase of the Great R’s inauguration, the tranquillity of the settlements of Colter and Rhodes and the Hanging Dog and Emerald ranches is broken by the frost of winter and the violence brought by the gangs of criminals

The new call to the Festive Arms are available until December 29, with special missions to participate in to defend the colonists from the assaults to the all-out bandits. The harsh climate and lack of food will also push wolves, pumas, bears and stray dogs to approach settlements to attack both citizens and criminals.

During the entire festive activities of Red Dead Online, participation in the Festive Arms Calls will offer double RDO dollars and experience points, as well as the possibility to access a 50% discount on all weapons sold by the dealers of the Before leaving you to comment, we remind you that in recent months Red Dead Online has welcomed the DLSS on PC along with the important updates for the Works, Crimes and the activities of the update Blood Money.

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