Rare Pokemon Cards: Steve Aoki Sells His Collection, It’s Worth $3 Million!

The exceptional popularity of Pokemon Cards pushes the curators of the TCGPlayer online portal to enter into a partnership with DJ Steve Aoki to sell rare merchandise and Pokemon Trading Cards with a total value of as much as 3 million

The initiative launched by TCGPlayer allows fans to “access to an incredible selection of products and Pokemon Cards with exceptionally high quality value”: rare merchandising includes, precisely, a wide range of Pokemon Cards from the collection

From today, November 3rd and until December 17th, TCGPlayer will sell on its digital store several lots of rare Pokemon Cards and exclusive merchandise from Steve Aoki’s personal collection. After this first phase, the TCGPlayer portal promises to open another one at the beginning of 2022, during which other rare Pokemon merchandise lots will be put on display.

In telling his love for the Pokemon Collectible Card Game, Aoki explains that “I have been cultivating this passion for a long time, but it has literally exploded in recent months because it has allowed me to be together with the community, since the As my love for this hobby grew, I started thinking about new ways to bring the products that I was passionate about to the world of collectors and the community that welcomed me from the start.”

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