Rainbow Six Siege: Six Invitational 2022 Will Be…But Not In Canada

The Six Invitational is coming back, to the delight of all fans of the tactical shooter license Ubisoft. After the last May edition, which changed both the month and the location (Paris), this year the world championship of R6 will return to the usual time: February (from

It will change the place again, however, because – as is now customary – the continuation of the global health situation and the restrictive rules of Canada, which impose a close to the events in presence. For this reason, after the Major last November, Sweden will return to host an event in Rainbow Six, the most important of the season.

Stockholm, after the town of Gavle, is therefore preparing to be the stage on which the best twenty organizations on the globe will fight to tear the title of champions of the world. Of course, as tradition has been for two years now, the event will be behind closed doors, but Ubisoft has thought of opening up to the community and covering the absence of audiences in presence with an increasingly exploited format in the export: the

It seems that Ubisoft intends to select a handful of content creators to allow them to create, precisely, unpublished content during the directs of the Invitational. In short, content creators will play the role of linking the event with the community. Unfortunately, this year Italy will not be represented.

The Mkers didn’t make it to qualify. However, a small piece of our country will be in Stoccoloma: the “analyst” Riccardo Massimino Font (or Hybrid), for some time in force to the Japanese Cyclops.

Please note that in a few days Rainbow Six Extraction will arrive, of which we invite you to read our preview.

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