Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Thorn And Outback News In High Calibre Video

After unveiling the new Rainbow Six Siege Operator Thorn, Ubisoft publishes a detailed analysis of the activities and surprises planned in High Calibre, the final season of the Year 6 of the competitive shooter.

The video accompanying the in-depth presentation presents the new Battle Pass and celebrates the launch of the new Season of R6S on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The new defender Thorn has a very respectable equipment, starting with the Razorbloom Shell proximity device that triggers a time detonation. In comparison to other operators, Thorn has average speed and armor that allow him to equip the new UZK50Gi or l.M870 as primary weapons and 1911TACOPS or C75-AUTO as secondary weapons.

Parallel and complementary to Thorn’s novelties are also the improvements related to the reworking of the Outback map, with a redesigned layout to make even more fun and immersive the challenges to be faced regardless of the role played and the character Both the main building and the outside area have been modified to allow the Attackers to plan more effective strategies, while adding new destructive external walls and the renovation of some areas of the map should expand the options available to the Defenders.

As for the Battle Pass, Rainbow Six Siege’s Season 6 of the Year 4 brings 100 levels and 131 rewards, with a free route and a Premium progression system available until February 21 for 1,200 R credits Those who will have the Premium Battle Pass can play in Thorn’s shoes and advance faster in climbing to the levels and the progression system, while other players can unlock it with Renown or Credits R6 starting from December 14th. New seasonal content, including the Outback map reworking, the new default team colors, the new HUD and the Operator updates are available for free for all players.

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