Rainbow Six Siege: How To Activate 120Fps On Ps5

Rainbow Six Siege continues its race with post-launch support that continues to regularly add new content to operators, maps, events and more. In 2021, Ubisoft also updated the game technically to fully exploit the potential of PlayStation 5: here’s how to activate 120FPS on Sony console.

First of all, remember that the 120fps can only be used on monitors that support 120 Hz. By disabling vertical synchronization, it is possible to activate this mode on panels with an update frequency of 60 Hz but, as Ubisoft specifies, there will be screen-tearing phenomena, i.e. a distortion of images shown on screen. However, once you have verified that you have a suitable screen, to increase the framerate you need to go into the video settings of the game and activate the Performance Mode, which will automatically adapt the FPS of the game to 120 per second with a 4K dynamic resolution on PS This way you can play with a maximized fluidity and enjoy an even more engaging gaming experience.

Staying on the subject, here are some tricks for Thorn and first lead of the Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege. In addition, Ubisoft announced the Six Invitational 2022 by Rainbow Six Siege, the sixth edition of the most important tournament of its online shooter.

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