Rainbow Six Extraction: What Are The Operators Of The New Ubisoft Game?

Among the contents of Rainbox Six Extraction, a new episode of Ubisoft’s historic tactical series, operators play a key role in gameplay.

Once the game is started, a group of up to three different players connected via online matchmaking (but you can also play solo) will have to use the available operators to face the threat of an alien parasite. Here is the list of 18 operators present, all with unique features, weapons and special skills to ensure a high replayability of missions and extensive planning options for each game.


Skill: Place a fixed machine gun usable by anyone

Initial weapon: SASG-12


Skill: square on the walls barricaded and charged with remote detonator that, once activated, hurled cluster grenades on the other side

Initial weapon: 6P41


Skill: silently shoot darts that explode at impact. It can alternate between smoke and poisonous darts

Initial weapon: PARA-308


Skill: Leaves a pack of armoured plates that provide resistance to damage. The wearer of a armour goes down instead of K.O.

Initial weapon: P90


Skill: Places an automatic turret that attacks enemies and intercepts bullets in the air

Initial weapon: M870


Skill: detects REACT equipment through obstacles

Initial weapon: AUG A2


Skill: throw and place traps on the ground. Enemies hit by the trap suffer damage and are slowed down for a while

Initial weapon: F90


Skill: launches proximity mines that repel enemies caught by the explosion. Eliminates hazards in air

Initial weapon: AK-74M


Skill: launches gas grenades with remote detonation, which inflict damage to any enemy within the gas cloud

Initial weapon: L85A2


Skill: launches mines of adhesive proximity, which stun the enemies affected by the explosion. Mines recharge over time

Initial weapon: Scorpion EVO 3


Skill: it has a robust tactical hammer that can stun parasites and destroy walls to create new paths

Initial weapon: M590A1


Skill: can send a drone bait to attract and distract enemies in the area. Enemies attacking the bait are scanned

Initial weapon: Mx4 Storm


Skill: detects all enemies moving in an area for an average duration, requires a recharge after each use

Initial weapon: V308


Skill: disturbs enemies by making them undetectable for an average duration. Requires a recharge after each use

Initial weapon: K1A


Skill: Shoot remote detonatable adhesive explosives that stick to all surfaces. Blow them up to inflict piercing damage to the armor

Initial weapon: TYPE-89


Skill: temporarily increases the team’s responsiveness and survival capacity. Reanimates the ground and prevents the K.O. while it is active

Initial weapon: SPEAR 308


Skill: detect VIP, dispersed in action and nests through obstacles

Initial weapon: M1014


Skill: with automatic syringe care or resuscitation itself or a companion on the ground

Initial weapon: SG-CQB

Before leaving you, we remind you that the game will be available 20 January 2022 on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles of old and new generation, as well as on Google Stadia. In addition, Rainbow Six Extraction will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass. To find out more details about the game, we refer you to our Rainbow Six Extraction preview, pending the final review.

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